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You will be working with award winning filmmakers who will plan and execute the perfect showreel for you. We will help you to find the perfect script and then tailor it to suit our pre-selected locations.


Crafted by award winning filmmakers, you will be working with a crew of industry professionals to create the perfect showreel. Every showreel we create is unique and customised to each actor.

Within your package you will receive two bespoke scenes that showcase your skills. Overall the project will be 2-3 minutes, which according to casting professionals is the ideal duration.

The script is often overlooked, however we understand the importance of a captivating script which is why we have a specialised script writing team that write with you in mind.  With all these elements combined our scenes feel like they came straight from a gripping piece of cinema.


In such a competitive industry, your showreel is the calling card to your career. The distinction between a good showreel and a great showreel makes all the difference. That is why as standard we shoot all showreels on state of the art RED Cinema Cameras, the same cameras used on features such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Gone Girl and Stranger Things. We will shoot in

4K to ensure your showreel stands out from the rest.

The majority of showreel packages out there shoot on DSLR’s or similar cameras, but we believe that everyone should have access to the best tools possible at an affordable price.

To give your showreel some added flair we include a cinematic colour grade and sound design. With the equipment, software and expertise we have as filmmakers we can create you a piece of work to be proud of.


It all starts with a Skype consultation. We will discuss the type of characters, script concepts and genres that will reflect your acting range and skills.

Once our scriptwriting team has turned the concepts into engaging stories we will then select locations and bring the script to life.

Production will last one day with the final delivery being up to 3 weeks after. During key stages of the post-production process you will have the opportunity to give your feedback on the edit to ensure perfection.



Included in the cost you will receive:

Two scenes

Shot on RED in stunning 4K

Crew of industry professionals

A Skype consultation

Existing footage added

A cinematic colour grade

Professional sound design

Delivery within 3 weeks

Bespoke scripts

We can provide actors at a cost of £30 per scene.


If you also know someone else looking for a showreel then star in each others and both save 10%



"A team of filmmakers that work seamlessly together to create a tailored, finessed and immensely high quality piece of work; I’m so confident in sharing this work that was made with collaboration and care. Filming all three scenes in a day was an utter pleasure; the relaxed vibe on set made for the spontaneity and moving work to happen! Black Comet created a vehicle for me and my work to shine brightly!"


I took part in one of Black Comet Films showreel scenes. The process ran smooth and seamlessly from start to finish with a high quality finished product. I was kept in the loop from pre-production, helping decide on scripts to the onscreen look. The day of the shoot had a professional but warm environment on location which helped me give my best performance. The final cut has a professional industry level look which is very impressive.


Email us at productionteam@blackcometfilms.co.uk or chat with us online to book your perfect showreel.